Lending for your
SME clients,
within your app

Valari provides credit products embedded directly in your platform.

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Fast Decisioning
Compliance Ready

Capital for your merchants

We partner with B2B companies such as Marketplaces, eCommerce, Payment Processors, and ERPs.

Seamless Integration

Embed a Credit Button via a simple API

New Products

Offer your merchants the financing they need


Add new revenue streams to your business

Our Products

For your sellers

Revenue based financing

  • Help your merchants sell more
  • Solidify your customer relationships
  • Earn additional revenue on each loan
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For your buyers

Buy Now Pay Later

  • Improve checkout conversion
  • Maximize AOV
  • Increase recurrent purchasing
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One API with all you need

Manage your credit products with just a few lines of code.

Underwriting and Disbursement

Fund user accounts instantaneously

Flexible Repayment

Your customer only pays a percentage of the revenue they generate on your platform.

Loan Management System

Manage all your loans with accounting integrations.


Best-in-class security with end to end SSL encryption.

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